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  • Grey's Anatomy: Inoperable Spinal Tumor

    Ethics → Applied Ethics → Medical Ethics
    Human Anatomy → Central Nervous System → Spinal Cord
    Derek is tasked with performing a risky surgical procedure in order to remove a spinal tumor from a patient. He and Meredith discuss the problem and potential solutions. During the discussion, Derek draws a diagram of the spine that illustrates the issue the patient is facing. Derek faces a dilemma: if he cuts the cord, he will kill the tumor, but the patient will lose function in both of his legs. Derek tries to find a way to cure the tumor without cutting the cord.

  • Grey's Anatomy: What Not To Do in a Job Interview

    Human Resources → Employment → Job Interviews
    Webber and Bailey interview potential interns, and the applicants illustrate all the things you shouldn't do in a job interview. Stereotypical millenial tendencies are exaggerated to emphasize the poor habits of interviewees.

  • Grey's Anatomy: Justice for Abby

    Legal → Justice → Sexual Assault
    Doctors question a patient on her injuries before being taken into surgery. The patient doesn't want to explain but the doctor expresses she's afraid they came from her husband and they need to preserve the evidence before her surgery. The patient shares her fears of not being believed.

  • Grey's Anatomy: Holographic Heart Scene

    Science → Medicine → Medical Technology
    Christina is unimpressed during a heart surgery with Burke. Burke then uses the newest technology and displays a holographic heart of the patient to help make medical decisions.

  • Grey's Anatomy: Passive Euthanasia

    Science → Medicine → DNR
    A patient's husband wants the doctors to ignore the DNR she signed years prior. The doctors honor the patient's wishes which upsets the husband.