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  • The Lion King: Saving The Heir

    Language Arts → Sacrifice → A Father's Sacrifice
    Mufasa saves Simba without a second when Simba was caught in the middle of a stampede. Mufasa's sacrifice manifested the next true King.

  • The Lion King: Wondering About Stars

    Astronomy → Celestial Objects → Stars
    Astronomy → Stars → Star Composition
    Astronomy → Stars → Star Structure
    Simba, Timon, and Pumbaa are relaxing one night and looking up at the stars. Pumbaa asks if any of them have ever wondered about the stars, and Timon affirmatively states that they're fireflies that got stuck up there. Pumbaa mentions that he always thought starts were giant balls of burning gas. Simba thinks that the stars were once great kings that now look down over them.

  • The Lion King: Mufasa's Ghost

    Self-Awareness → Accurate Self-Perception → Identity
    After leaving home as a young lion cub, Simba comes across Rafiki, a wise baboon. Rafiki encourages Simba to question his future. Through a vision of his father, Mufasa, Simba realizes his role as the king of Pride Rock is his identity.

  • The Lion King: Look at the Stars

    Astronomy → Celestial Objects → Stars
    Mufasa expresses his disappointment to Simba for disobeying his orders and putting himself in danger. After, Mufasa tells Simba to look up at the stars whenever he is feeling lonely, as the kings of the past, and Mufasa himself, will always be there to guide him.

  • The Lion King: The Past Can Hurt

    Language Arts → Comprehension → Main Idea
    When Simba mentions that he's been running from the past, Rafiki hits him on the head with a stick to teach him that, while the past can hurt, he can learn from it. This lesson inspires Simba to venture out to face his past.