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  • Lincoln: Second Inaugural Address

    abraham lincoln
    american history
    President Abraham Lincoln gives his second inaugural address in which he expresses hope for the end of the Civil War, an end to slavery, and peace.

  • Lincoln: Euclid

    transitive property of equality
    Abraham Lincoln makes reference to Greek mathematician Euclid, who states that things which are equal to the same thing are equal to each other.

  • Lincoln: This Amendment Is That Cure

    13th amendment
    civil war
    united states constitution
    american history
    Abraham Lincoln vehemently advocates for the ratification of the thirteenth amendment. He states that, by abolishing slavery, it will settle the slavery dispute and set the tone for the future of those currently enslaved and those who would otherwise be enslaved in the future.

  • Lincoln: Yeaman Congress

    arguments against emancipation
    american history
    George Helm, a representative of Kentucky, pleads his case against emancipation. He questions what will happen to colored folk if all 4 million will be set free in one instance; would it mean that it gives them the power to vote and have a voice? Helm believes this enfranchisement is too costly to the current structure of society and mocks the notion of transferring power out of the white man's hands.