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  • Fawlty Towers: Basil Gives Manuel a Language Lesson

    language barrier
    communication difficulties
    Basil tries to tell Manuel that there is too much butter on the trays he is bringing to the guests, but Manuel does not understand English. Basil tries to communicate with Manuel in Spanish, but Basil hardly knows how to speak it. During the conversation, Basil learns how to say "donkey" ("burro") in Spanish, and Manuel learns how to say "mantequilla" ("butter") in English.

  • Fawlty Towers: Fa-fa-fa-fire!

    lack of fire safety
    fire safety
    Manuel sets the kitchen on fire, and Basil makes all of his guests leave the building so he can take care of it. Basil panics and struggles to perform basic tasks, such as pulling the fire alarm, leaving it up to his wife, Sybil, to put out the fire.