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  • Accepted: Bartleby's Speech

    Rhetoric → Delivering a Speech → Effective Delivery
    Science → Sociology → Nonconformity
    During an academic trial, Bartleby delivers an impassioned speech about the importance of freedom and creativity and disagrees with conforming to traditions.

  • Accepted: Hey, I'm Sherman Schrader

    Communication → Social Awareness → Greetings
    Sherman attempts to introduce himself to the other guests at the party and is unsuccessful due to his awkward approach.

  • Accepted: Pocahontas Never Went to College

    Sociology → Social Norms → Nonconformity
    Sociology → Social Norms → Conformity
    College → Tuition → Cost
    Over dinner, Bartleby tries to explain to his parents why it's not necessary for him to go to college. He argues that it's fiscally irresponsible to do so. His parents don't understand and tell him that he has to attend college in order to succeed in life. Bartleby gives examples of successful people who didn't attend college, but it doesn't change his parents' mind.