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  • All in the Family: Equal Pay Debate

    american history
    labor rights
    equal pay for equal work
    twentieth century
    gender bias
    Archie and Irene debate equal pay for women. Irene feels she should be paid as much as the man who had the job before her, and Archie argues that men should be paid more than women.

  • All in the Family: I Wanna Sit In My Chair

    american history
    fireside chats
    Maude sits in Archie's chair and won't move, so Archie uses his secret weapon to upset her: talking negatively about President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Archie and Maude get into an argument, and during it, they mention many defining aspects of FDR's presidency: his four-term presidency, polio illness, fireside chats, the recovery from the Great Depression, and the United States' entrance into World War II.