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  • A Beautiful Mind: Welcome to Princeton

    impact of mathematicians
    real world application
    In this intro scene to A Beautiful Mind, a professor gives a speech explaining how mathematics contributed to the Cold War and the national security of the United States.

  • A Beautiful Mind: Schizophrenia

    mental disorders
    health education
    This clip illustrates the effects of schizophrenia on an individual. John Nash sees and interacts with people (who are hallucinations) that do not exist to other people. These hallucinations can seem so real that one would think that they actually exist.

  • A Beautiful Mind: Governing Dynamics: Ignore the Blonde

    Has profanity
    nash equilibrium
    John Nash and his friends are attracted to a blonde woman at a bar, and John applies game theory concepts to determine the best course of action for both him and his friends in order to gain the appeal of a woman.