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  • Animated Hero Classics: Louis Pasteur

    Science → Inventors → Louis Pasteur
    Science → Microbiology → Vaccines
    Louis Pasteur is remembered for his remarkable breakthroughs in the causes and preventions of diseases. This clip shows his successful vaccination of animals and his interest in replicating it for humans.

  • Animated Hero Classics: Marie Curie

    Physics → Nuclear Physics → Radioactivity
    History → History of Radiation → Marie Curie
    This clip highlights some of Marie Curie's greatest contributions to science: the theory of radioactivity and the discovery of radium.

  • Animated Hero Classics: Galileo Cannot Teach

    Astronomy → Astronomical Models → Heliocentrism
    History → Renaissance → Scientific Revolution
    Galileo is questioned and criticized for his views and theories. He refuses to defy his own understandings in his teachings.

  • Animated Hero Classics: Concern with Galileo's Teachings

    History → Renaissance → Scientific Revolution
    History → Scientific Revolution → Galileo
    Church officials in Rome are impressed with Galileo's mathematical knowledge but hesitate when he brings up his interest in teaching Astronomy. They worry he will be accused of heresy by the Inquisition and decide that he is better off teaching in free-thinking Venice.

  • Animated Hero Classics: It's Not Going Out!

    American History → Industrial Revolution → Electricity
    American History → Inventors → Thomas Edison
    Thomas Edison's light bulb finally works after much trial and error.