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  • Apollo 13: Houston, We Have a Problem

    American History → History of Space Travel → Apollo 13
    What seems like smooth-sailing quickly turns into an emergency for the astronauts of Apollo 13. This clip illustrates a defining moment of the Apollo 13 mission, when the ship experiences critical failures.

  • Apollo 13: Landing on the Moon

    American History → History of Space Travel → Apollo 1
    An astronaut explains to his son how his upcoming moon landing will work (if all goes well). He also discusses the Apollo 1 tragedy with his worried son.

  • Apollo 13: Failure is Not an Option

    Management → Leadership → Leaders Listen
    Management → Leadership → Democratic Leadership
    The team brainstorms how to get the Apollo 13 crew back to Earth with time to spare even though their spacecraft is running out of power. Aaron suggests that the module conserve its power, and Kranz takes all measures necessary to ensure that they do not lose an American in space.

  • Apollo 13: Square Peg in a Round Hole

    Creativity → Ideas → Creative Solutions
    Biology → Respiratory System → Respiratory Acidosis
    Using limited resources, the team at NASA needs to invent a way to fit a square cartridge into a round hole in order to create a CO2 filter. This filter would prevent the CO2 levels from rising too high in the spacecraft. Otherwise, the crew will face complications such as impaired judgment and blackouts.

  • Apollo 13: Watching the Moon Landing

    American History → History of Space Travel → First Moon Landing
    American History → History of Space Travel → Neil Armstrong
    Jim and his family and friends gather around the television to watch the first moon landing. They watch with excitement as Neil Armstrong becomes the first man to walk on the moon.