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  • Pi: Fibonacci Sequence

    fibonacci sequence
    real world application
    The applicability of numbers is everywhere, and a deeper meaning of them can be found in the Torah. The ancient Jews used Hebrew as their numerical system. Maximillian Cohen then goes on to describe the golden ratio and Fibonacci Sequence.

  • Pi: On the Edge

    golden spiral
    real world application
    Max describes the golden spiral and believes that all matter is infused with it.

  • Pi: There is a Pattern

    Sol tells Max that the world cannot be easily solved with math, but Max disagrees. Sol then tells Max about his obsession and how his mind filters out everything else in order to find that which he is obsessed about. Sol gives the example of finding the number 216.

  • Pi: There Are Patterns

    Max restates his assumptions that mathematics is the language of nature, everything can be represented and understood through numbers, and that there are patterns everywhere in nature.

  • Pi: Archimedes

    archimedes' principle
    fluid mechanics
    Sol Robeson tells a story about Archimedes to explain how to identify the volume of an object by measuring its displacement.