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  • Matilda: I'm Smart, You're Dumb

    Business Operations → Business Practice → Poor Business Practice
    Ethics → Applied Ethics → Business Ethics
    Matilda challenges her father when she doesn't believe in his way of doing business.

  • Matilda: The Trunchbull

    Language Arts → Literary Devices → Characterization
    Matilda observes the menacing Ms. Trunchbull on the courtyard while her peers provide her with stories that only add to her atrocious character.

  • Matilda: What Was My Profit For the Day?

    Business → Accounting → Gross Profit
    After a successful day of selling cars, Mr. Wormwood shares the cost of the three cars and the amounts at which they were sold. He asks his son for the day's total profit, and Matilda answers quickly and without hesitation.

  • Matilda: I Will Get You, Agatha

    Communication → Non-verbal Communication → Written Communication
    When Trunchbull confronts the class about breaking into her house, Matilda uses her powers to write a message that scares the aggressive principal.

  • Matilda: They Named Her Matilda

    Language Arts → Comprehension → Summary
    Language Arts → Story Elements → Characters
    This clip describes Matilda's upbringing and how she was mostly neglected by her parents. It also illustrates that she is precocious, as she learned how to take care of herself at a very young age.