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  • Donald in Mathmagic Land: Pythagoras and The Pythagoreans

    history of mathematics
    The narrator explains to Donald the story of Pythagoras, who is considered by some to be the father of mathematics and music. He discusses Pythagoras' society, the Pythagoreans, and how they used mathematics to create music.

  • Donald in Mathmagic Land: Math is Everywhere

    patterns in nature
    real world application
    The narrator shows Donald Duck several occurrences of mathematical forms in nature, such as the petuna, the starfish, and the wax flower. He explains that math can be found in music, art, and virtually all other aspects of the world.

  • Donald in Mathmagic Land: Golden Ratio

    golden ratio
    The narrator explains the Golden Ratio, the Golden Rectangle, and the Golden Section and how, despite the size of shapes, their proportions are the same. He provides real-world examples of the golden ratio in nature and architecture.

  • Donald in Mathmagic Land: Math is More Than Numbers

    shapes in everyday items
    patterns in nature
    real world application
    The narrator explains that mathematics is much more than simply numbers and equations. He shows how different shapes, such as spheres and cones, can be found in nature and are used in technology both at home and in several industries.