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  • Mulan: Mulan Training Scene

    gender roles
    Shang sings about making men out of his recruits. Mulan continues to improve in the program.

  • Mulan: Mulan warns Shang about Shan Yu

    gender roles
    Mulan rides to warn Shang that Shan Yu is planning to hurt the Emperor. Shang does not believe her since finding out she is a woman.

  • Mulan: Mulan Sets Out

    call to adventure
    hero's journey
    Mulan pretends to be a man since her father was too old to fight in the war and she didn't want him to get hurt.

  • Mulan: Saved Us All

    dramatic irony
    Mulan secretly takes her father's place in the Chinese army and ends up being the heroine that saves China. The viewer knows about Mulan's actions before the Emperor does.

  • Mulan: I'll Make a Man Out of You

    figure of speech
    dramatic irony
    chinese culture
    cultural competence
    world cultures
    Mulan starts with her training camp as nothing impressive, but she knows she needs to live the part of her new identity, so she showcases her tenacity and capability to be the best.