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  • I Love Lucy: Ricky Reads a Bedtime Story

    Lucy tells Ricky to read a bedtime story as if he were reading it to his child. He makes several mistakes pronouncing words that end in "ough," such as "boughes," "rough," "through," and "cough." Lucy corrects his pronunciation every time he makes a mistake.

  • I Love Lucy: Vitameatavegamin

    creating an infomercial
    introducing a new product
    Lucy is assigned the role of introducing a new product called Vitameatavegamin.

  • I Love Lucy: Lucy Writes a Novel

    creative writing
    descriptive writing
    Lucy starts writing a novel about Ethel, Fred, and Ricky. She reads an excerpt that describes Ricky's journey to the United States from Cuba. After Ricky points out the inaccuracies, Lucy states that writers twist the truth in order to make their work more exciting. Everyone tries to read the novel to see what Lucy wrote about them, but she stops them since she is not yet ready to share it.

  • I Love Lucy: Women's Rights

    women's rights
    natural rights
    The men suggest that women already have equal rights, but the women claim that they aren't able to fully exercise them because of how they are treated. Lucy tells the men that women want to be treated exactly as if they were men.

  • I Love Lucy: Chicken and Rice

    verbal communication
    non-verbal communication
    ethnic stereotypes
    Lucy does not know how to speak Spanish but needs to communicate that she is making chicken and rice for dinner. She resorts to a combination of sounds and gestures in order to convey herself.