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  • Agora: Circles and Ellipses

    Hypatia of Alexandria explains that the center of a circle is always the same distance from any other point of the circle. She also states that a circle is a special type of ellipse.

  • Agora: Heliocentric Model

    astronomical models
    Hypatia and her students ponder about the solar system and believe there is a simpler model for explaining it. A philosopher jumps in to explains the heliocentric model, as proposed by Aristarchus of Samos.

  • Agora: Relative Motion Experiment

    relative motion
    first law
    newton's laws of motion
    Hypathia incorrectly guesses how a sack will fall when it is dropped on a moving boat. She observes that the sack behaves as if the boat was stationary. Hypathia believes the same principle can be applied to the Earth: it is moving around the Sun without us realizing it.