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  • A Bug's Life: Beautiful Butterfly

    Biology → Life Cycles → Butterfly
    Heimlich hatches from his chrysalis and turns into a "beautiful" butterfly. This clip illustrates two of the life cycles of a butterfly: chrysalis and adult.

  • A Bug's Life: You're Still a Seed

    Science → Biology → Growth
    Dot believes that she should be able to fly since she's a Royal Ant. Flik illustrates biological growth to her by explaining how a seed grows into a tree. He indicates that she too needs time to grow.

  • A Bug's Life: Revolution

    Sociology → Oppression → Institutionalized Oppression
    Psychology → Manipulation → Intimidation
    Chief Hopper teaches his kind not to underestimate small ants for they can unite into a mass group and defeat the grasshoppers. To Hopper, the core to control smaller species is to manipulate their mentality: continually frightening them, imprinting in their minds that they are powerless, keeping them away from the thought of uniting.

  • A Bug's Life: Flik is Going to the City

    Biology → Plants → Seed Dispersal
    Biology → Pollination → Wind Pollination
    Flik heads off into the unknown world to find help against the grasshoppers. On his way to the unknown, he faces a dilemma: finding a way over the huge cliff. Flik comes up with an idea to climb up a dandelion stalk and travel with the seed as it is carried by the wind.

  • A Bug's Life: Ants Unite

    Language Arts → Courage → Unity
    The ants and other insects unite against the grasshoppers.