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  • Freedom Writers: I Am Home

    English → Writing Process → Free Writing
    Ms. Gruwell teaches her students to use writing as an outlet for self expression and storytelling.

  • Freedom Writers: We Mattered

    English → Writing Process → Free Writing
    Ms. Gruwell creates a final project for her students. She encouraged them the put their diaries into a book just like Anne Frank.

  • Freedom Writers: Miep Gies Deemed Heroic

    History → World War II → Holocaust
    Social Studies → World War II → Miep Gies
    Miep Gies gives a firsthand account of the capture of Anne Frank. She is regarded as heroic by the students of Ms. Gruwell's class because she and her family hid the Franks in their house during Nazi occupation. Miep refuses to take the title of "hero" and states it was the right thing to do.

  • Freedom Writers: Gang Initiation

    World Cultures → Cultural Competence → Los Angeles Culture
    Eva reflects on her upbringing and her initiation into a gang as a result of her ethnicity in Los Angeles.

  • Freedom Writers: Not So Different

    World Cultures → Cultural Competence → Acceptance
    Ms. Gruwell brings her students together by having them reflect on the friends they have lost to gang violence. They realize that though they have differences, they have a sad, but common bond.