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  • The Magic School Bus: How Water Changes

    water cycle
    molecules and compounds
    states of matter
    The class goes to Water Land and learns about how water changes when it is exposed to different amounts of heat. When water is heated by the sun, it evaporates. When it is cooled, it condenses.

  • The Magic School Bus: How a Plant Makes Food

    By observing the chloroplasts in a leaf, the students learn that plants produce their own food and do not get it from another source. The students come to the conclusion that the chloroplasts use sunlight, air, and water to create sugar, which is used as energy for the plant.

  • The Magic School Bus: Sound Is Vibration

    sound waves
    Ms. Frizzle and her class learn about vibrations and sound by playing with instruments and hitting objects. They not only hear and feel sound but see it using special glasses. Among many other lessons, they learn that high sounds are created by a fast vibration and low sounds are created by a slow vibration.

  • The Magic School Bus: A Whole World of Life

    pond microecosystem
    Tim inspects a tank bromeliad and notices that it contains a pool of water and many species living off of that pool of water. Among the species are frogs, slugs, and iguanas.

  • The Magic School Bus: It's What Earth Day Is All About

    habitat creation
    food web
    Tim mentions to Inspector 47 that all of the plants, animals, bugs, and insects in the rainforest are connected in many ways. He explains how they are ecologically interdependent on each other for food and habitats.