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  • Ice Age: Acorn Troubles

    cause and effect
    domino effect
    Sid sees the effect of planting an acorn into the ice. It creates a domino effect of cracks in the ice which brings about an avalanche.

  • Ice Age: Ice Cave

    On their journey to find Roshan's human family, Manny, Sid, and Diego stumble upon an ice cavern. The cavern contains perfectly-preserved frozen animals that have since been extinct. Some of them appear to have been Sid's ancestors.

  • Ice Age: The Migration

    animal migration
    All of the mammals begin their annual migration to avoid the winter. Sid the Sloth's family leaves without him, as they do every year, while Manny the Mammoth migrates in the opposite direction to avoid the warm weather.

  • Ice Age: Volcanic Eruption

    Sid tells Manny and Diego that the floor is hot. They find out that they're walking on a bed of igneous rock when the volcano erupts. They have a few close calls but all manage to escape to safety.

  • Ice Age: Alert the Troops

    Soto is about to take revenge on the humans for killing his pack members by attacking the chief's son.