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  • Inside Out: Disgust and Anger

    Human Emotion → Types of Emotion → Disgust and Anger
    The team exemplifies disgust and anger as Riley gets her first taste of broccoli.

  • Inside Out: Just Like Joy

    Human Emotion → Types of Emotion → Joy
    The team has to step in for Joy as Riley's mom as her questions about school. They don't quite have the best embodiment of the emotion, "joy."

  • Inside Out: Riley's Memories

    Science → Psychology → Core Memories
    The team goes through Riley's memories and stumbles upon her core memories which constitute the most important times in an individual's life.

  • Inside Out: Long Term Memory

    Science → Psychology → Long Term Memory
    Long term memory categorizes and catalogues moments from our past. "I'm positive you will get lost in there." - Sadness

  • Inside Out: Meeting Bing Bong

    Relationship Skills → Relationship Building → Building Friendships
    Joy meets Bing Bong in Riley's memories. Joy and Bing Bong enjoy discussing RIley's memories of Bing Bong.