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  • Moneyball: What's The Problem?

    Has profanity
    understanding the problem
    defining the problem
    Billy helps the rest of the management team define the real problem that they are trying to solve.

  • Moneyball: Breaking Biases

    removing subjective bias
    Peter walks Billy through his statistical analysis of players. He states that they can assemble a championship team within their budget because many exceptional players are overlooked for subjective reasons. Peter cuts through the subjectivity using data, allowing him to find undervalued players.

  • Moneyball: Mind of a Young Ball Player

    A narrator provides insight to the lives of both a scout and young baseball player, while the ball player reflects on moments in his career.

  • Moneyball: He Gets On Base

    good management
    Billy Beane presents his and Pete's new strategy of hiring players by putting an emphasis on statistics rather than "intuition." Although Pete is an intern, Billy gives him a voice at the table.