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  • Brainchild: Five Second Rule

    5 second rule
    Sahana, the host of Brainchild, conducts an experiment to see if people would eat a doughnut after it fell on the floor at the mall. The results might shock you. She explains the risks of the five-second rule and whether it is a myth or not...

  • Brainchild: Germs on Your Hands

    wash hands
    Germs are spread on surfaces that we might not expect them to be. Hands contain many germs that can be spread through devices and shaking hands. What can we change to prevent the spread of harmful germs? Washing hands. 

  • Brainchild: Body in Space

    body chemistry
    earth sciences
    body systems
    atmospheric pressure
    The video answers questions about what would happen to bodily functions and systems if the body was in space. Sahana discusses the differences in air pressure in space versus on earth. She uses a vacuum to show what would happen to our organs without the necessary gas, temperature, and molecules. 

  • Brainchild: Gamification

    Sahana conducts a social experiment to see if people would rather take the stairs or the escalator. When she manipulates the stairs to make them more appealing to people, she finds major changes and differences in results. This can be important for everyday chores or things you might want to do- just turn them into a fun game!

  • Brainchild: Memory

    Experts explain what would happen if we did not have any memory and what happens in our brain in order to store information and memories. Memory is an aspect of the brain that makes us fundamentally human and enables us to remember important ideas and lessons to keep us safe.