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  • Fizzy's Lunch Lab: Balancing School Lunches

    In this clip, Mixie shows a variety of nutritionally balanced school lunches.

  • Fizzy's Lunch Lab: Breakfast Boost

    Fizzy oversleeps for the mayor's annual inspection. Fizzy frantically rushes to get the Lunch Lab ready, but now he doesn't have time for breakfast! When Fizzy falls asleep during the inspection, Corporal Cup whips up a balanced breakfast to rejuvenate Fizzy.

  • Fizzy's Lunch Lab: Pomegranate Drink

    Corporal Cup walks us through the creation of a Fizzy Pomegranate Drink.

  • Fizzy's Lunch Lab: Healthy Pizza Recipe

    Fizzy and the Lunch Lab gang must come up with a delicious, whole-grain alternative pizza before all of the city kids stuff themselves with Freddy's unhealthy pizza. They show us the recipe to make a healthy pizza.

  • Fizzy's Lunch Lab: Family Dinnerteam

    Avril has dragged her over-worked mom and brother to the Lunch Lab for some family-time food education. Fizzy gives them the opportunity to share dinner at the table.