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  • Modern Family: Phil Dun-empa-phy

    Communication → Listening → Reflective Listening
    People don't always share their concerns because they are looking for an answer to resolve them. Most of the time, they are just looking for support and an open ear.

  • Modern Family: Lily Goes to a Vietnamese Restaurant

    World Cultures → Cultural Diversity → Cultural Heritage
    Gloria, Mitch, and Cameron go out to a Vietnamese restaurant in an attempt to help Lily embrace her Vietnamese culture. Lily ends up making a scene in the restaurant despite Mitch and Cameron's best efforts to convince her to acknowledge her culture. Gloria then discusses with Mitch and Cameron how she believes that her children are being lost to America.

  • Modern Family: Claire's Mock Debate

    Rhetoric → Public Speaking → Preparing for a Speech
    Rhetoric → Body Language → Effective Body Language
    Communication → Non-verbal Communication → Body Language
    Claire's children, with the help of their dad, Phil, prepare Claire for a debate. The mock debate is intended to simulate a real campaign in which Claire will be asked about her motivations for running for office. The children provide constructive criticism on her verbal and nonverbal communication while she takes the stage.

  • Modern Family: Haley Makes Cupcakes

    Psychology → Manipulation → Lying
    Haley needs to bake cupcakes for a school fundraiser and wants her mother to bake them for her. She purposely misrepresents her baking abilities in order to convince her mother to take over the baking process. After her mother bakes the cupcakes, she throws them in the trash so that Haley has to bake them on her own. Haley's parents taste test her cupcakes, and although they claim the cupcakes are delicious, in reality they are unsavory.