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  • Arthur: Arthur's Pet Business

    starting a venture
    print advertisement
    Arthur starts a pet business to prove to his parents that he can take care of animals. He creates flyers and hands them out in order to spread the word and attract customers.

  • Arthur: DW's Snow Mystery

    unreliable narrator
    point of view
    oral storytelling
    DW keeps a snowball in the freezer from the "best day of her life," but it goes missing. Arthur and his friends and family each recall what happened the day of the snowball's disappearance for each of their own point of view.

  • Arthur: Pretty Annoying, Isn't It?

    Brain corrects Arthur on using "ever" and "always" within the same sentence because it would be redundant.

  • Arthur: Francine's Paper

    online sources
    validity of sources
    Francine is tasked to write a paper on the diet of the American Pilgrims. She learns that she can use search engines to find websites containing the information she needs for her paper. She uses the entire contents of a website in her paper and is informed by her sister that she plagiarized her paper.

  • Arthur: That's Pretty Funny

    literal language
    When George thinks that Carl is joking about not understanding what he said, he laughs that Carl is "pulling his leg".