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  • We Bare Bears: Ice Bear's Origin Story

    This clip illustrates Ice Bear's origin story. While hunting one day, Ice Bear comes across a tent with some food. The human who owns the tent, Yuri, attempts to harm Ice Bear but ends up taking him in to do chores in exchange for food. One day, Ice Bear angers Yuri by accidentally causing him to break a precious photo, and Yuri kicks Ice Bear out of the tent. Ice Bear later gets stuck in a bear trap and is in peril when Yuri comes to his rescue.

  • We Bare Bears: Too Much Coffee

    Grizzly and Panda are excited to open up the Coffee Cave to customers. Panda finds all of the customers' cups empty because Ice Bear is drinking them, even though he is responsible for making the coffee. Grizzly and Panda tell Ice Bear to reduce his coffee consumption because it is causing him to act irrationally.

  • We Bare Bears: Iced Bear Barista

    The Bears are enjoying their time serving coffee at Coffee Cave. Customers start making comments about the poor quality of the coffee, and Panda and Grizzly look into the problem. They notice that their barista, Iced Bear, is tired, so they encourage him to drink coffee to deliver the quality that customers expect. After drinking coffee, he delivers the quality of coffee that customers expect.

  • We Bare Bears: Panda Becomes a Germaphobe

    The Bears go to the movie theater and watch a film titled, Germs. Iced Bear and Grizzly find the movie to be mildly entertaining, while Panda gets paranoid and scared of germs. While in the subway, Panda visualizes the germs in the environment and how they spread.

  • We Bare Bears: Panda's Origin Story

    This clip illustrates the story of how Panda escaped captivity. When the zookeepers notice he's lonely, they give him a stuffed animal friend, to whom he grows attached. They plan an escape, and Panda ultimately has to leave his best friend behind.