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  • Science Max: The Atmosphere

    layers of the atmosphere
    Phil walks us through the different layers of the atmosphere. He explains what we can expect to find at each layer and the concentration of air molecules at each level.

  • Science Max: Advanced Materials

    materials science
    advanced materials
    Phil shows off several new materials that scientists and engineers have created. He mentions that they are created both for fun and for practical applications. He describes several new materials, such as a thermochromic mug and nitonol wire, and demonstrates how they work.

  • Science Max: Rube Goldberg Machine Explained

    compound machines
    rube goldberg machine
    Sonya and Phil finish their Rube Goldberg machine and test it out. It works, and they are rewarded with cake. Phil explains the science behind each step of the machine.

  • Science Max: Chemical Change or Not?

    chemical change
    physical change
    chemical reaction
    physical reaction
    physical vs. chemical reaction
    In this Science Max Quiz, Phil explains how to differentiate chemical and physical changes. He mentions that chemical changes produce new molecules, while physical changes don't. He includes several examples of both physical and chemical changes.

  • Science Max: Glow Sticks

    chemical reactions
    exothermic reactions
    Phil explains how glow sticks product light: by combining two different chemicals. He maxes out the experiment and explains the chemical reaction in more detail.