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  • Mean Girls: Mean Girls: Four-Way Call

    Communication → Communication Styles → Gossip
    The girls participate in a four-way call, leaving them feeling betrayed by each other after hearing what their "friends" are saying about them.

  • Mean Girls: Mean Girls: Gym Scene

    Communication → Communication Styles → Confession
    The gym teacher encourages all of the high school girls to open up to each other in order to help them get along.

  • Mean Girls: Attire Rules

    Language Arts → Conformity → Social Pressure
    The girl clique corces Mady on how and what to wear on certain days of the week.

  • Mean Girls: Girls Gone Wild

    Problem Solving → Interpersonal Conflict → Brawl
    Chaos builds as rumors and secrets are spread throughout the high school. The conflict is handled in the most primitive form imaginable- a brawl.

  • Mean Girls: Regina Calls Taylor's Mom

    Psychology → Deception → Lying
    The Plastics see Jason going out with a girl named Taylor, and Regina doesn't want them to be together. Regina calls Taylor's mom posing as someone from Planned Parenthood to insinuate that Taylor may be pregnant.