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  • The Social Network: "Does She Have a Boyfriend?"

    types of emotion
    human emotion
    Dustin's inquiry about the relationship status of a girl leads to an inspired idea for Mark but leaves Dustin confused.

  • The Social Network: Eduardo's Mistake

    types of emotion
    human emotion
    Eduardo admits to the lawyers that it was a mistake to not have his own lawyers look over the stock agreements Mark laid out for him.

  • The Social Network: Cease and Desist Letter

    Has profanity
    cease and desist letter
    copyright law
    Eduardo discovers a cease and desist letter that Mark received from the Winklevoss twins that suggests he stole the idea of Facebook from them. Eduardo acknowledges the seriousness of the letter, while Mark doesn't seem to think it's much of a concern. Mark then argues over the rights to Facebook with the Winklevoss twins.

  • The Social Network: The Hack

    network security
    Zuckerberg hacks the webpages of multiple fraternities and sororities to collect images of all its members. He speaks about the relative ease of hacking since many of the pages are open with available indexes.  

  • The Social Network: I Deserve Recognition

    computer ethics
    Mark asks for recognition from the Harvard academic board for hacking into the Harvard network and exposing gaping holes in its security infrastructure. Mark tells Eduardo that he received academic probation for his actions.