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  • Margin Call: The Bridge

    Has profanity
    marginal utility
    product with long-term benefits
    social entrepreneurship
    The significance of a product is highlighted if it can bring utility to a large community of people over a long period of time. Social entrepreneurship involves recognizing and executing an opportunity to improve the livelihood of others.

  • Margin Call: Fire Sale

    job insecurity
    A respected financial company is downsizing, so Sam Rogers tells his traders to sell all assets and provides them with incentives for doing so. To sell the assets more easily, the company has a fire sale. Sam does an excellent job of conveying the bad news to his employees.

  • Margin Call: Your Opportunity

    boosting morale
    company spirit
    After 80% of the employees at an investment firm are fired due to insolvency, Sam Rogers gives a pep talk to boost the morale of the "survivors."

  • Margin Call: Be First, Be Smarter, or Cheat

    Has profanity
    business ethics
    applied ethics
    poor business practice
    business practice
    Sam Rogers explains how he would get the traders to sell all of the company's mortgage assets in a day, bringing up ethical concerns in the process. Among the concerns is that the company will be selling customers a product with no value. John Told's response shows that he cares more about the company than its customers. This is made most evident by John's justification of selling the product to customers in order to keep the company afloat.

  • Margin Call: I'm With The Firm

    employee loyalty
    employee relations
    business ethics
    applied ethics
    John Told proposes that the firm sell customers bad mortgages and tries to bribe Sam Rogers into cooperating with him. However, Sam shows his loyalty to the firm and their customers by rejecting John's bribes.