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  • Empires: Egypt's Golden Empire: Kamose and Ahmose Reunite Egypt

    World History → Ancient Egypt → Reunification
    The Hyksos are successfully defeated and driven out of Egypt by the royals Kamose and then Ahmose. Ahmose then becomes Pharaoh of a reunited Egypt.

  • Empires: Egypt's Golden Empire: The Royal Family

    World History → Ancient Egypt → Princesses
    Much is known about the family of Akhenaton through archeological discoveries. These include intimate portrayals of the royal family's life. Pictures depict the Pharaoh and his daughters much like any family, a unique find in ancient Egypt.

  • Empires: Egypt's Golden Empire: Temples and Scarabs

    World History → Ancient Egypt → Temples
    Amenhotep III begins a massive building campaign across Egypt to honor the gods and demonstrate his power. He also begins sending carved scarabs with news of his accomplishments across the empire.

  • Empires: Egypt's Golden Empire: Akhenaten the Heretic

    World History → Ancient Egypt → Akhenaton
    Akhenaton's attack on Amun comes full circle as Egypt turns on his memory. He and his grand capital at Amarna are written off the historical. Egypt's experiment with Aten and monotheism is no more.

  • Empires: Egypt's Golden Empire: King Tut Restores Egypt

    World History → Ancient Egypt → Tutankhamun
    AKhenaten's son Tutankhaten becomes Pharaoh but rather than continue his legacy he defies it. The boy-king, under the sway of court members and priests, brings back the old order and gods of Egypt before dying himself at age 19.