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  • Smithsonian: Women in Egyptian Religion

    World History → Ancient Egypt → Religion
    Examines the role of women in Egyptian religion, especially "God's Wife of Amun," the highest priestess in the Egyptian religion and temple estate at Karnak.

  • Smithsonian: Female Gladiators in Rome

    World History → Ancient Rome → Gladiators
    Explains how some women came to challenge and transcend the norms of Roman society as gladiators.

  • Smithsonian: Amun and Egypt

    World History → Ancient Egypt → Religion
    Covers the importance of Amun in Egyptian religious beliefs and some of the devotions undertaken for Amun.

  • Smithsonian: Akhenaton's Revolution

    World History → Ancient Egypt → Religion
    Examines the challenges to Egyptian religion and changes undertaken by the Pharaoh Akhenaten and his wife Nefertiti who tried to become the only link between the Egyptian people and the cosmos through their denial of polytheism.

  • Smithsonian: The Egyptians and the Hyksos

    World History → Ancient Egypt → War
    Explores the contest and rivalry between the Egyptians in Upper Egypt and the occupying Hyksos, who had more advanced technology, in Lower Egypt.