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  • The Croods: Get Shoes

    cross cultural differences
    world cultures
    Guy creates shoes for the Crood family, and they struggle to adjust to them.

  • The Croods: A Tearful Goodbye

    identifying emotions
    Grug throws Guy and the Crood family to safety on the other side of the chasm, sacrificing himself. He also invents the hug.

  • The Croods: Using Shoes

    Has profanity
    human evolution
    Guy helps the family of The Croods to walk on some pointy plants due to his invention (the shoes), a tool that they will use for the first time in their lives.

  • The Croods: Hunter Gatherers

    human evolution
    paleolithic age
    world history
    The Croods family attempts to capture an egg they stumbled across for breakfast. This illustrates the way that humans foraged for food before the development of agriculture.

  • The Croods: Extinct Elephantids

    extinct species
    In this scene, the Croods ride a prehistoric elephantid species. Elephantids, such as mammoths, were the precursor to modern-day elephants.