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  • Remember the Titans: Your Team Needs You Tonight

    After the Titans' quarterback is injured, Coach Boone sends Ronnie Bass in as quarterback and instills within him the confidence to pull off the next play.

  • Remember the Titans: Why Should I Give a Hoot About You

    team disconnect
    "Team, what team? Nah, what I'm going to do is...I'm gonna look out for myself and I'm gonna get mine." 'Attitude reflects leadership' is an idea reinforced in this clip. The captain does not making shared vision and team unity a priority.

  • Remember the Titans: Gettysburg Speech

    Coach Boone wakes his team up early in the morning and drags them out to the cemetery where the Battle of Gettysburg was fought during the American Civil War. He gives an impassioned speech encouraging unity among his team and states that the players will experience the same fate as the soldiers of the battle if they don't work together and respect one another.

  • Remember the Titans: Who's Your Daddy?

    legitimate power
    bases of power
    Before boarding the bus, Gerry approaches Coach Boone with conditions for playing on the team. Coach Boone responds by making it clear that he, not Gerry, is in charge of the team, and Gerry complies with his orders.

  • Remember the Titans: Lunch Room Scene

    team unity
    Coach Boone asks the players if they can share something about a fellow teammate. When the entire team gets quiet, he assigns them a new task: engage in coversation with each team member and get to know them on a personal level. He uses this as a means to break down racial barriers that prevent team unity.