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  • Rocky (1976): Training

    language arts
    hero's journey
    approach to the inmost cave
    Rocky trains with motivation and persistance to face his opponent on the big day.

  • Rocky (1976): Rocky's Wasted Talent

    Has profanity
    wasted talent
    Rocky questions Paulie on why he has always been so tough on him. Paulie responds that he sees a lot of talent in Rocky to become a good fighter, but instead, he became a second-rate loan shark: a waste of life.

  • Rocky (1976): You're Better Than That

    Rocky Balboa understands the challenges that life can present. In this clip, Balboa gives an encouraging speech to his son to motivate him to achieve success by taking responsibility for his life and going after what he wants. Balboa says that life will knock you down and throw you punches and that life’s about taking the hits and moving forward.