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  • Trolls: Party Pooper

    Social Awareness → Perspective-taking → Respect for Others
    As the trolls are planning their big party, Poppy, the happiest troll ever, invites the doomsday prepper, Branch. Branch is scared that the evil Bergens are going to come once they hear the loud party. Guy Diamond shows up to mediate the conversation, inviting a conversation regarding listening to the perspective of others.

  • Trolls: I'm Coming Out

    Self-Awareness → Self-Confidence → Identity
    With some helpful hints on how to act and what to wear, Poppy helps Bridget gain self-confidence.This boost of self-confidence and help from Poppy, Bridget works up enough courage to ask King Gristle out.

  • Trolls: Get Back Up Again

    Self-Awareness → Self-Efficacy → Motivation
    After a minor setback, Poppy sings about the importance of trying again and having a positive outlook.