ClassHook for Schools and Districts

Support your teachers and improve student outcomes with over 7,500 standards-aligned TV and movie clips.

Increase Engagement

Teachers using ClassHook report a 64% average increase in engagement compared to other types of content.

ClassHook's videos from television and movies improve student engagement and retention

  • Capture student interest, and build critical thinking and media literacy skills with relatable content.
  • Use real-world scenarios to bring learning to life.
  • Reinforce key concepts for students in a fun and memorable way. We forget 66% of what we learn in a single day. (Source)
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Save Your Teachers Precious Time

with over 7,500 curated clips organized by topic

  • Aligned to Common Core, NGSS, Indiana, and other standards
  • Age appropriate and vetted for accuracy
  • Ad free and safe to use in the classroom
  • Use discussion tools to make learning interactive
  • Easy to share in your LMS, presentations, and curriculum

Engagement Matters

Attendance, test scores, and graduation rates are all directly impacted by student engagement.

When students are engaged, they are involved in and enthusiastic about school. Studies show that engaged students are...

Content is Key

Students report relevant and interesting content as top factors that influence engagement.

Content plays an important role in shaping students' perceptions of their learning. High-quality content captures students' attention and evokes their curiosity, making them want to learn more.

ClassHook helps students learn from relatable examples, making them excited to come to class every day.

28% of 11th graders vs. 66% of 5th graders feel their schoolwork is important
16% of 11th graders vs. 47% of 5th graders have fun at school
32% of 11th graders vs. 59% of 5th graders find their learning to be interesting

Integrate Seamlessly

ClassHook integrates with Clever
ClassHook integrates with Google Classroom

ClassHook works with your existing systems, such as Clever and Google Classroom, and is versatile enough to fit anywhere in your lessons.

As a Hook
Capture student attention and interest with a short, engaging, and on-topic TV or movie clip.
Exemplify real-world scenarios
Present ethical dilemmas, showcase science experiments, and explore controversial topics.
Encourage deeper discourse
Challenge students to think critically about the videos they're watching, and practice key skills with Live Discussions.

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Your organization can start using ClassHook within 24-48 hours. Every institutional plan includes:

  1. Unlimited access to 7,500 engaging video clips from popular TV shows and movies
  2. Unlimited access to engagement tools (live discussions, clip comparisons, vocabulary finder, standards alignment, etc.)
  3. Reporting and metrics on ClassHook usage
  4. Custom implementation support, ongoing coaching and support
  5. Purchase options for your entire organization or a certain number of staff
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Frequently Asked Questions

ClassHook is a discussion platform with a curated library of over 7,500 educational videos from relatable media that students will recognize. Our videos are short (1 - 5 minutes) and organized by standards, grade level, and topic.

With ClassHook, you can have thoughtful discussions with tools designed to increase student participation, such as: embedded video questions, live discussions, video comparisons, a vocabulary finder, and more.
Unlimited staff and students at your school can access ClassHook for a flat price per year. Generate an instant quote here. If you'd like a custom plan, contact us.
Contact us about your interest, and we'd be happy to send you a custom quote. We have flexible pricing options.
Click here to schedule time to speak with our team. We'd be happy to offer a demo and answer any questions.
ClassHook gets an implicit license to use its videos through YouTube. Using YouTube Content ID, we verify that the videos can be listed on YouTube by the copyright owners before adding them to our library. This all means that your staff can safely use ClassHook videos in their lessons and curriculum without any worries!
The trial process is simple and easy. Click here for a diagram showing the process and time commitment.