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  • National Geographic: The Puffer Fish

    Science → Biology → Puffer Fish
    The narrator introduces puffer fish, their habitat, and their predators. He explains the unique characteristics of the puffer: it gulps water until it resembles a beach ball. It does this to protect itself from predators and to protect predators from itself, as it is poisonous.

  • TED-Ed: Digestive System Overview

    Science → Biology → Digestive System
    This clip explains the purpose of the digestive system and how it works. It covers the main components of the system and illustrates the process of digestion using examples and visuals.

  • Simon's Cat: Creative Cat Tactics

    Problem Solving → Problem Solving Strategies → Trial and Error
    Self-Management → Goal Setting → Determination
    Simon's cat employs a variety of creative techniques to get Simon's attention so he can be let into the house. After the cat gets into the house, Simon closes the door, and the glass on the door shatters due to the damage done by the cat's efforts to get inside.

  • The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Spider-Man vs. Electro

    Science → Physics → Electricity
    Physics → Electromagnetism → Electric Field
    Spider-Man confronts Electro at a power grid. Initially, he has the upperhand in the fight, but Electro eventually overwhelms him with his electric attacks and speed. Spider-Man is saved by Gwen Stacy.

  • Playmate: The Robot Friend

    Relationship Skills → Relationship Building → Building Friendships
    A boy and his robot are good friends that play together. After a year, their friendship starts to fade, and the boy pays less attention to the robot. The boy gets increasingly frustrated with the robot whenever it wants his attention, ultimately throwing it in the closet. After a nightmare, the boy realizes he's losing a great friend and reconnects with his old friend.

  • Sweet Cocoon: Helping the Caterpillar

    Problem Solving → Problem Solving Strategies → Trial and Error
    Self-Management → Goal Setting → Determination
    Two insects help a caterpillar begin her metamorphosis. They try several strategies and finally manage to get her into the cocoon. Once she's in the cocoon, they use more creative strategies to provide the environment she needs to morph into a beautiful butterfly.

  • Journey to the Center of the Earth: Floating Rocks

    Science → Physics → Magnetic Fields
    Sean trips, and his knife falls out of his pocket. He notices that the knife floats in mid-air and checks his compass to find that it isn't working, meaning there is a magnetic field in the area. He travels to the other side of a large opening using large rocks suspended in air, with many close calls during his journey.

  • Young Sheldon: Sheldon's Train

    Physics → Newton's Laws of Motion → First Law
    Physics → Motion → Relative Motion
    Sheldon explains how he uses a toy train and a ball to prove Newton's first law of motion. As the train moves, he pushes a button to propel the ball in the air. The ball lands in the same spot on the train where it was propelled. The ball moves at a constant velocity in an inertial frame of reference.

  • The Martian: Rescuing Watney

    Physics → Newton's Laws of Motion → First Law
    Physics → Newton's Laws of Motion → Third Law
    The Ares III crew successfully rescues Mark Watney from Mars. During the rescue operation, Mark and Melissa spin uncontrollably due to the lack of air resistance and thus friction in this demonstration of Newton's laws of motion.

  • Mr. Bean: Mr. Bean Becomes Charged

    Physics → Electricity → Static Electricity
    Science → Physics → Van der Graaf Generator
    Mr. Bean is excited by a Van der Graaf generator and uses it after he sees how it affects a woman's hair. When he uses it, the generator doesn't seem to be working on his hair; however, it leaves static electricity on his hands that persists for quite a while, causing problems when picking up a piece of paper.

  • Mr. Wizard's World: Steam vs. Water Vapor

    Earth Science → Water Cycle → Evaporation
    Earth Science → Water → Steam
    Mr. Wizard demonstrates the difference between steam and water vapor to Billy using a teapot and flames. He explains that steam is the gas form of water and that we mistakenly refer to water vapor as steam in everyday conversation.

  • CBS News Sunday Morning: The Wright Brothers Story

    History → History of Aviation → Wright Brothers
    Rita Braver and historian David McCullough discuss the story of the Wright Brothers, who first successfully created and flew the first airplane. They talk about their personal lives, their sister, and the sacrifices they made to make aviation a possibility.

  • Our Planet: Glacier

    Earth Science → Landforms → Glacier
    This scene depicts a glacier releasing ice and snow into the water due to rising temperatures in the area. The narrator then describes the role of glaciers on sea levels and in the ecosystem.

  • The Railway Children: The Landslide

    Science → Earth Science → Landslide
    The children are near a train track and observe a landslide that causes a tree to fall down the slope and destroy the embankment over the railroad tracks.

  • BBC Bitesize: KS3 Chemistry: How Sedimentary Rock Forms

    Science → Earth Science → Erosion
    Science → Earth Science → Weathering
    Earth Science → Rocks → Sedimentary Rock
    The narrator explains how sedimentary rocks form: from sediment deposited in water through the process of weathering and erosion. He also explains the layers of sedimentary rock, which include sandstone, limestone, and conglomerates.

  • The Boxtrolls: Chasing the Trolls

    Math → Quadrilaterals → Rectangles
    Mr. Snatcher and his subordinates search for the boxtrolls by hitting boxes and seeing which ones respond to the impact. A couple of boxtrolls escape capture and flee to their underground civilization.

  • Cosmic Voyage: Realm of the Very Small

    Physics → Atoms → Structure of an Atom
    Math → Exponents → Power of 10
    This clip takes us into the microscopic world through a series of steps, with each step being 10x smaller than the previous. It illustrates the microorganisms that exist in drop of water and the components of those organisms, including DNA and atoms.

  • Cosmic Voyage: Scale of the Universe

    Astronomy → Celestial Objects → Planets
    Astronomy → Universe → Scale of the Universe
    Math → Exponents → Power of 10
    This clip takes us into the universe through a series of steps, with each step being 10x larger than the previous. It illustrates the vastness of the universe and that increasing the field of view by a power of 10 makes a dramatic change in what we see.

  • Yes Man: Carl Gets Promoted

    Finance → Types of Loans → Microloan
    Carl meets with Westly Parker, vice president of Brea Federal Savings, who promotes him based on his excellent performance as a loaner. The bank traditionally doesn't give out micro loans, but their repayment rate is extremely high, and the bank benefits as a result.

  • Silver Linings Playbook: Wedding Video

    Health → Mental Health → Bipolar Disorder
    Pat decides to search for his wedding video early in the morning and becomes increasingly angry and frustrated at his parents because he believes they hid it from him. Pat shows symptoms of bipolar disorder.

  • Cosmos (2014): The Difference Between Weather and Climate

    Science → Environment → Climate Change
    Science → Earth Science → Weather vs. Climate
    Neil deGrasse Tyson explains the difference between climate and weather while walking on a beach with a dog. He mentions that climate is the weather of a region over a long period of time, while weather is short-term. He uses the dog's path to illustrate the variance of weather patterns and his own path to illustrate the consistency of climate.

  • Wall-E: Vast Pollution

    Earth Science → Atmosphere → Pollution
    This beginning scene of Wall-E depicts a post-acopalyptic Earth. The Earth has an enormous amount of environmental pollution and trash. There is little life in sight besides Wall-E and a cockroach.

  • Wall Street: Shareholder Speech

    Business → Business Activities → Business Functions
    Gekko speaks to the shareholders of Teldar Paper and criticizes the company for its bureaucracy and for highly compensating vice presidents that aren't essential to the business' operations.

  • Vertical Limit: The Deadly Storm

    Science → Geology → Natural Hazards
    Science → Earth Science → Avalanche
    An expedition team is on top of K2, one of the world's biggest mountains, when a deadly storm hits. The team rushes for cover and gets caved in by the snow.

  • Twilight: Introducing The Cullens

    Health → Relationships → Human Sexuality
    Jessica tells Bella about each of the Cullens. Bella appears to be attracted to Edward, as she makes frequent glances at him.

  • Titanic: Jack and Rose Party

    Health → Drugs and Alcohol → Alcohol
    Rose and Jack spend a fun time together dancing and drinking aboard the Titanic. Their behavior changes while they are under the influence of alcohol.

  • The Wave (2015): Violent Tsunami

    Earth Science → Plate tectonics → Tsunami
    An 85-meter voilent tsunami wave destroys the whole area

  • The Time Machine: Earth's Changing Landscape

    Science → Earth Science → Geologic Time Scale
    Inventor Alexander Hartdegen travels 800,000 years into the future. As he travels through time, the landscape changes and develops into more complex and sophisticated terrain.

  • The Social Network: Mark Accepts the Deal

    Health → Decision-making → Action
    The Winklevoss twins tell Mark about their new project with the hope of recruiting him, as they need his technical skills. Mark appears to not be thinking much about their proposal but agrees to accept it and work with them.

  • The Shallows: Surfing Attempts

    Earth Science → Water → Surface Water
    Nancy and her fellow surfers ride the waves on a sunny day.

  • The Polar Express: Race to the Tracks

    Science → Earth Science → Weathering
    The Polar Express is sliding on the ice, and the crew attempts to get the train back on the tracks before the ice collapses underneath them.

  • The Mummy Returns: Imhotep's Death

    Health → Decision-making → Options
    Health → Decision-making → Action
    The pyramid is collapsing, and Rick and Imhotep are in a perilous situation. Despite the dangerous environment, Evelyn risks her life to save Rick, while Anck Su Namun makes the decision to save herself and leave Imhotep.

  • The Mummy Returns: Making a Deal

    Earth Science → Climate → Desert
    After a long war, the Scorpion King and his army travel through the desert. One by one, they succumb to its unforgiving environment until only the Scorpion King is left. He makes a pact with Anubis to spare his life.

  • The Mummy (1999): The Desert Journey

    Earth Science → Climate → Desert
    Rick, Evelyn, and Jonathan travel across the desert on camels towards Hamunaptra, the city of the dead.

  • The Impossible: The Tsunami Sweep

    Science → Geology → Natural Hazards
    Science → Earth Science → Tsunamis
    Maria and her family are enjoying a vacation on the resort when a tsunami suddenly bursts through. It destroys the resort and takes many lives, including Maria's family.

  • The Hudsucker Proxy: Hula Hoop Demand Skyrockets

    Business → Economic Environment → Supply and Demand
    A seller of hula hoops finds that no one is purchasing his items, so he lowers the price in an attempt to increase demand. His price changes don't make a difference. When a boy finds a stray hula hoop and plays with it in front of his peers, all of the kids suddenly want one, and the hula hoop becomes a desireable product.

  • The Flight of the Phoenix: Starting the Plane

    Earth Science → Climate → Desert
    A group of men are stranded in the desert, and they reconstruct an airplane and get it ready to fly as their only escape.

  • The Core: Crystal Haven

    Science → Geology → Geodes
    The crew explores a geocode 700 miles under the surface of the Earth. As they start cutting one of the crystals, the protective shell breaks, and lava flows through, causing the crew to rush to safety.

  • Superman Returns: Superman Recharges

    Earth Science → Atmosphere → Layers of the Atmosphere
    Earth Science → Weather → Clouds
    Lois removes the krytonite to save Superman. Superman is weak but flies above the clouds to take in energy from the Sun and recharge.

  • Stranger Things: Free Ice Cream for Life

    Business → Economic Systems → Capitalism
    Robin and Dustin are trying to convince Erica to help them access a secured area. She's small enough to fit into a vent that they cannot fit into. Erica then explains why she loves the United States and capitalism: people get compensated for their services depending on how valuable they are. She states that she wants free ice cream for life as compensation for her services.

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