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  • Odd Squad: Rounding Snacks

    Math → Rounding → Nearest Ten
    Orchid asked Ohlm to get her 18 apples and 15 hot chocolates, but he comes back empty-handed because the cook, Oksana, only hands out snacks in groups of ten. Orchid doesn't need the exact amount of snacks she asked for, so Otis suggests rounding to the nearest ten. Since Ohlm is not familiar with how to round, Otis explains it to him.

  • X-Men (2000): Hearing on Mutants

    Biology → Genetics → Mutation
    Jean Grey addresses the United States Senate on the topic of mutants. Senator Kelly is opposed to them and convinces the audience that they are dangerous. He advocates for having mutants register themselves so that the government knows who they are and what they are capable of doing.

  • X-Men (2000): Prison Escape

    Science → Physics → Magnets
    Senator Kelly was recently turned into a mutant and is attempting to escape his jail cell. As Magneto walks to the senator's cell, metal plates come flying from elsewhere to create a bridge for him. Magneto then uses his powers to open the jail cell and talk to the senator. After the senator escapes, Magneto uses his powers to trap Sabretooth in the cell as punishment.

  • U-571: U-Boat Attack

    Science → Physics → Water Pressure
    German soldiers are in a U-Boat and are being attacked by depth charges. They decide to surface after suffering numerous blows and the loss of several crew members.

  • Twister: Running from The Tornado

    Science → Earth Science → Tornadoes
    Helen and Bill run away from an F5 category tornado. They consider taking cover in a nearby barn, but it contains a lot of sharp objects that make it unsuitable as a shelter. As they leave the barn, the tornado obliterates it.

  • There's Something About Mary: Reviving Puffer

    Science → Chemistry → Electrical Conduction
    Puffer has passed out, and Pat tries a variety of tactics to revive him. He uses the wires from the lamp to shock Puffer, and after several attempts, Puffer catches on fire. He finally wakes up Puffer by dumping water on him to put out the fire.

  • The World Is Not Enough: Briefing on Renard

    Human Anatomy → Central Nervous System → Pain Perception
    The team pulls up a hologram of the perpetrator, Renard, and discuss how a bullet got lodged into his head. They mention that the bullet is slowly moving through his medulla oblongata and killing off his senses: touch, smell, and pain. They state that he is getting stronger every day until the day he dies because he lost these senses.

  • The Wizard of Oz: The Twister

    Science → Earth Science → Tornadoes
    After visiting Professor Marvel, Dorothy runs back home and finds that a tornado is threatening her house and family. Dorothy returns home and cannot enter the cellar because the barn keepers and her family have locked it. She enters the house, and is knocked unconscious by a shutter that comes loose off of a window in her room. This clip depicts the typical characteristics of a tornado.

  • The Princess Bride: The Torture Machine

    Science → Ethics → Human Experimentation
    Count Rugen takes Westley to the Pit of Despair and tests his torture machine on him. His goal is to collect information for his study on pain. After he runs Westley through the first setting of the machine, he asks him to share his experience.

  • The Perfect Storm: The Giant Wave

    Science → Oceanography → Rogue Waves
    The crew is in the middle of a terrible storm and takes a risk to head into the eye. They decide to turn around and head in a safer direction, but they encounter an enormous rogue wave and cannot escape from it in time.

  • The Matrix: Desert of The Real

    Science → Electricity → Bioelectricity
    Morpheus describes the end of the world to Neo and shows him what the "real world" is actually like. He mentions that AI took over and humans scorched the sky in response to prevent them from generating energy from the sun. However, the AI started to harvest the bioelecricity from fetuses as an energy source. Important to note is that his claims on the amount of energy and heat that humans generate are not accurate.

  • The Lion King: Wondering About Stars

    Astronomy → Celestial Objects → Stars
    Astronomy → Stars → Star Composition
    Astronomy → Stars → Star Structure
    Simba, Timon, and Pumbaa are relaxing one night and looking up at the stars. Pumbaa asks if any of them have ever wondered about the stars, and Timon affirmatively states that they're fireflies that got stuck up there. Pumbaa mentions that he always thought starts were giant balls of burning gas. Simba thinks that the stars were once great kings that now look down over them.

  • The Karate Kid (2010): Karate Tournament

    Science → Physics → Pressure
    Dre enters into a karate tournament and is initially scared of the opponent. He overcomes his fear and starts winning his matches using the techniques he learned from Mr. Han. When Dre strikes his opponents.

  • The Guardian: Hypothermia Training

    Biology → Homeostasis → Hypothermia
    Ben Randall teaches his new recruits the effects of hypothermia by putting them in freezing cold water. He explains the stages of hypothermia as the recruits experience them.

  • The Fugitive: Inferring Richard's Location

    Science → Scientific Method → Observation
    Psychology → Cognition → Inference
    U.S. Marshals have tapped Richard's lawyer's phone and listen to recordings of a conversation between Richard and his lawyer. As they listen to the tapes, they make observations and use their inference skills to determine his location.

  • The Day After Tomorrow: Ice Shelf Break

    Science → Earth Science → Ice Shelf
    Science → Earth Science → Climate
    A team of scientists are drilling on the ice shelf and collecting samples of ice to analyze its content. While one of the scientists is drilling, the ice shelf starts to break apart and threatens his life; however, he is rescued by his colleagues. One of the scientists states that the whole shelf is breaking off.

  • The Day After Tomorrow: High Turbulence

    Science → Physics → Air Pressure
    Sam and two of his colleagues are on their way to an academic conference. Sam is afraid of flying, and during their flight, they experience high turbulence, which visibly concerns Sam. Passengers are instructed to stay in their seats and wear their seatbelts until the plane is out of the turbulence. The turbulence is so bad that luggage falls out of the overhead compartments.

  • The Abyss: Submarine Explosion

    Science → Physics → Water Pressure
    After a submarine chase, Lt. Coffey's submarine falls off a cliff and goes deeper into the abyss. His vehicle implodes due to the intesity of the water pressure.

  • Sweet Home Alabama: Lightning Strike

    Physics → Static Electricity → Lightning
    Physics → Lightning → Lightning Misconceptions
    Jake and Melanie are walking on the beach during a lightning storm. Lightning strikes the sand near them, and Melanie starts to run the other way. However, Jake pulls her to the location where the lightning struck and claims it's safer because lightning can never strike the same place twice. They kiss, and during their intimate moment, lightning strikes the same spot again, hitting them.

  • Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope: Princess Lea's Plea

    Physics → Light → Hologram
    Obi-Wan talks to Luke about his father's death and explains the Force. While trying to figure out R2-D2, they stumble upon a holographic message from Princess Lea, who pleas for Obi-Wan's help. Luke debates getting involved in the resistance, while Obi-Wan tries to convince him to join.

  • Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope: Jump to Lightspeed

    Science → Physics → Speed of Light
    Luke, Ben, Han Solo, and Chewbacca escape the Imperial Forces using the Millennium Falcon. They're being chased by Imperial cruisers, which are gaining on them. Han decides that the only way to lose them is to make the jump to light speed and prepares the ship for the jump. Luke is panicked and tries to rush Han to make the jump, but Han explains that they need to make the right calculations or it could spell disaster.

  • Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope: Binary Sunset

    Astronomy → Star Systems → Binary Star
    Luke is eating dinner with his aunt and uncle and asks about enrolling in the pilot academy a year earlier. His uncle states that they need his help on the farm and that he will make it up to him next year. Luke gets frustrated and goes outside for a walk. In the distance, there are two suns setting since their planet is in a binary star system.

  • Spider-Man 2: Dumping the Machine

    Ecology → Pollution → Water Pollution
    Dr. Octavius' energy-generation machine has gone wildly out of control, and Spiderman urges him to stop it. The doctor states that they can't destroy the machine but that they can stop it by drowning it in the river.

  • Spider-Man: Peter Gets His Powers

    Biology → Genetics → Genes
    Biology → Genetics → Traits
    Peter gets home after being bitten by a genetically-engineered spider during a school field trip. He falls ill from the spider's venom, and while he's asleep the venom alters his genetic makeup. He wakes up to find his body has changed dramatically overnight.

  • Skyfall: Motorcycle Chase

    Physics → Newton's Laws of Motion → Third Law
    Physics → Collisions → Elastic Collision
    James Bond is chasing a henchman on a motorcycle. When they corner the henchman, he gets off his motorcycle and jumps on top of a moving train. Bond runs his motorcycle into the bridge railing, which propels him onto the last car of the train.

  • Poseidon: Capsized

    Science → Oceanography → Rogue Waves
    On New Year's Eve, the massive cruise ship, Poseidon, is capsized by a rogue wave. The ship captain tries to steer the ship to safety but is unable to do so in time.

  • Patch Adams: How Many Fingers?

    Puzzles → Situation Puzzles → Thinking Out of the Box
    Patch visits Arthur to find out the answer to his question, "how many fingers am I holding up?" When others guess the correct answer, Arthur states that they're wrong. Arthur suggests that Patch look at a different way of approaching the problem and stresses the importance of thinking differently.

  • Outbreak: Biosafety Levels

    Science → Microbiology → Microorganisms
    Science → Microbiology → Diseases
    This clip shows the different biosafety levels of a research facility. For each level, it lists the types of microorganisms that exist along with some of the viruses they could cause. It also shows the equipment and safety precautions used by the researchers at each level.

  • Ocean's Eleven: The Pinch

    Science → Physics → Electromagnetism
    Physics → Waves → Pulse
    The crew is trying to rob the Bellagio in Las Vegas, and Basher informs them that the only way to pull off the job is to use a "pinch." He describes the "pinch": an electromagnetic pulse that shuts down any power source within its blast radius. He describes the "pinch" as a nuclear bomb without the destruction to make it more concrete.

  • National Treasure: Deciphering the Riddle

    Science → Physics → Refraction
    Science → Physics → Light
    Riley finds the next clue, and the group tries to decipher it. They come to the conclusion that it refers to a specific time. Ben remembers that the back of a one hundred dollar bill has a clocktower, and he uses a bottle of water as a magnifying glass to read the time drawn on the bill.

  • National Lampoon's Vacation: Roller Coaster Ride

    Physics → Energy → Potential Energy
    Physics → Energy → Kinetic Energy
    The Griswold family takes the security guard of Wally World, Lasky, hostage and makes him take them on all of the roller coaster rides. Before the ride starts, Lasky warns Rusty that he didn't have a positive experience with the ride in the past. Throughout the entire ride, Lasky appears to be nervous and sick to his stomach.

  • National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation: Electrocuted Cat

    Science → Physics → Circuits
    Physics → Circuits → Safety Hazards
    The cat is playing with the Christmas lights and pulls the plug out of the wall. Clark notices that the tree is no longer lit up and plugs in the lights again, which ends up shorting the circuits in the house and electrocuting the cat. Russ flips the circuit breaker to restore electricity to their home.

  • National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation: House Lights

    Science → Physics → Circuits
    Physics → Circuits → Safety Hazards
    Clark is trying to turn on his festive house lights but is unable to do so after several attempts. His mom walks in the garage to turn the light on, and the house suddenly lights up, causing the rest of the neighborhood to dim. When Clark's mother turns the switch off, the outside lights turn off as well. Ellen finally realizes the problem and turns the light switch in the garage back on to keep the house aglow.

  • National Lampoon's Animal House: Practicing Golf

    Physics → Motion → Projectile Motion
    Otter and Boone practice hitting golf balls and discuss their trajectories. Otter gives Boone advice on his golf swing as his shots go into a cafeteria and Dean Wormer's office. The final two shots are targeted at Doug Neidermeyer, who is mounted on his trusty steed.

  • Muppets from Space: Meeting Cosmic Fish

    Science → Astronomy → Nebula
    Gonzo is hit by lightning and has a vision in which he is flying through different colored clouds of gas in space. He meets two cosmic fish which advise him to mow the lawn in order to reveal a secret message that can be viewed from space.

  • Miss Congeniality: Water Glass Music

    Physics → Vibration → Sound Waves
    For the Miss United States pageant, Gracie shows off her talent of creating music using water glasses. She has an assortment of glasses filled with different amounts of water and plays them to make a song.

  • Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World: Reaching the Galapagos

    Science → Scientific Method → Observation
    Dr. Maturin and Midshipman Blakeney reach the Galapagos islands and make observations about the different species that live there. Within a few minutes, they've already discovered several new species.

  • Madagascar: Alex Goes Savage

    Ecology → Biological Interaction → Predation
    Science → Ecology → Carnivores
    Alex, Marty, Melman, and Gloria attempt to fit into the wild after having been raised in the New York City Zoo. During a performance to the Madagascar monkeys, Alex is suddenly overwhelmed by his hunger. He visualizes the audience members as the steaks that he was fed in the zoo and attacks his zebra friend, Marty. The monkeys inform the group that Alex is different from them since he needs meat to survive, and they are his food.

  • Madagascar: Melman Starts a Fire

    Chemistry → Oxidation-Reduction Reactions → Combustion
    Alex is desperate to get off of the island and back to New York. He builds a replica of the Statue of Liberty with plans to light the torce in order to attract rescue crews. Melman's job is to start a fire, and he tries to rub sticks together to create the fire. Just as he is giving up, the sticks spark into flames.

  • JFK: The Magic Bullet

    American History → Assassination of John F. Kennedy → Magic Bullet Theory
    During a court case involving President John F. Kennedy's assassination, Jim Garrison walks through the path of the single bullet that the Warren Commission claims to have caused 7 bullet wounds to the President.

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