ClassHook Premium Benefits

Save even more time lesson planning with the search and discovery features included in ClassHook Premium. Easily find clips aligned to specific standards or that have aired recently, and discover clips that other educators are using in their lessons, among many other benefits.

When you purchase a ClassHook Premium subscription, you'll receive all of the following features and benefits.

Interested in a demo of the features? Check out our demo video here.

Decade Filter

Quickly find clips from both recent and classic TV shows and movies.

Standards Filter

Find clips that align with specific standards in your searches.

Browse by Standards Alignment

A quick view of all the clips that align to a specific standard you want to teach.

Playlist Search

Discover clips that other educators are using in their classes.

Playlist Collaboration

Invite colleagues to help you build playlists for your lessons.

Improved Subtitles

Request subtitles to be perfected to FCC and ADA compliance standards.

Priority Clip Requests

In a hurry? Your clip requests will be fulfilled more quickly.

No Ads

Enjoy an ad-free clip searching experience.

More Coming Soon

We're already working on new features exclusively for ClassHook Premium members.

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