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We've curated over 7,500 educational videos and organized them by standards, topic, and unit for you. Skip the late nights and countless hours spent searching.

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Save Precious Time

ClassHook's curated library of videos are already vetted and organized for you by topic, unit, and standards. Just type what you want to teach. It's that easy.

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Increase Student Participation

Pique student interest using media they recognize and enjoy. Make learning interactive with embedded questions, live discussions, and comparison activities.

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No more ads or inappropriate language! ClassHook plays videos without ads and skips inappropriate language so you're not left with an unpleasant surprise.

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Frequently Asked Questions

ClassHook is a discussion platform with a curated library of over 7,500 educational videos from relatable media that students will recognize. Our videos are short (1 - 5 minutes) and organized by standards, grade level, and topic.

With ClassHook, you can have thoughtful discussions with tools designed to increase student participation, such as: embedded video questions, live discussions, video comparisons, a vocabulary finder, and more.
ClassHook is a platform designed by and for educators to make their lessons more engaging, while YouTube is a general-purpose video platform. Teachers save time searching for videos on ClassHook because we've already curated and organized videos for you. You can additionally use our discussion platform to actively engage students in the lesson by embedding questions in the videos, conducting live discussions and video comparisons, and more.
ClassHook can be used at any point in the lesson. Many educators use it as a lesson hook, to introduce new concepts, to reinforce a concept, and as an exit ticket. Visit our Use Cases page for more ideas and examples.
ClassHook is a freemium product. Visit our pricing page for pricing options.
Click here to schedule time to speak with our team. We'd be happy to offer a demo and answer any questions.
Visit this page for an email template you can send to your administrator. You can also schedule a meeting with our team and invite your administrator to the meeting.