Teach with movie clips

Make learning relevant with educational scenes from TV shows & movies.

Illustrate concepts

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth millions. Help students conceptualize abstract thoughts and ideas.

Pique interest

What better way to capture student attention than with a short, on-topic, and engaging TV or movie clip?

Teach SEL

Use clips to illustrate different emotions and how to cope with them responsibly.

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Fuel discussion

Get your students talking through their favorite media. Improve conceptual understanding with pre-made questions and tools, whether remote or in-person.

Safely use videos

ClassHook plays videos without ads, and detects and automatically skips inappropriate language while showing clips in class, avoiding embarrassing moments.

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Smart tools

Embed video questions, conduct live discussions, compare clips, and more with our tools designed to help you use videos effectively.

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High School Anatomy & Physiology

"ClassHook is the creative piece I've been looking for YEARS!! Anytime I see a clip in a movie that I could use, I try and make a mental note but usually have a hard time accessing the movie. Because I teach anatomy, there are SOOOO many possibilities. This is a fantastic site."

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